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CardioCoolers – Perfect accessory for the heat waves of the holidays!

The cooling effect lasts more than 2 hours depending on conditions. Get one for yourself or gift it to a loved one, and see the smile that comes from feeling genuine relief from pain and heat.

Freeze – Wear – Repeat

  • Dry cooling process keeps you cool, reduces the effects of heat stress, and fights fatigue
  • Lightweight, comfortable cotton construction provides all day comfort
  • Dry Cooling – Just Freeze, Wear, Repeat
  • Providing cool comfort for 2+ hours
  • Reusable, just refreeze
  • Machine Wash Gentle
  • No Chlorine Bleach
  • Tumble Dry Low or Hang to Dry
  • 100% Cotton
  • Do not microwave.

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Is your troupe looking for great gifts for each other and their leaders?

Our Girl Scout Cardio Coolers will keep your troupe cool on those warm hikes.

We have the perfect accessory for your holidays!

We are accepting custom orders for Christmas delivery through December 8th.

Natural heat relief

Beat hot flashes

Non Allergenic

Perfect gift for the #hottie in your life

Feeling hot because your loved one has the heat too high?

Maybe hot flashes or night sweats?

We have a solution that will keep you cool. No matter the reason you need a fashionable and versatile “cold” – migraines, menopausal flashes, going through cancer treatment or alleviating symptoms of MS.

The CardioCooler Necklace is a personal cooling solution designed as an inexpensive accessory. Adapted from innovative technology, this dry technology retains the cold for significant time, and keeps you cool.

Keep in your freezer and wear it for hours of cooling relief. It delivers instant relief as it cools the blood flowing to your head, keeping you comfortable.


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