Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about CardioCoolers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about CardioCoolers

Q: How are CardioCoolers manufactured?

A: The plastic inner components are 1” cubes made of soft, non-toxic plastic material filled with water. We hand-craft the cubes into sleeves made from various poly-cotton blended fabrics, then twist and tie them into a necklace-style wearable cooling system. A silicone band is used to tie off the fabric between each cube.

Q: How should I clean them?

A: CardioCoolers are machine washable, or you may clean them in mild detergent solution by hand. Then air dry them. NOTE: dryers and heat are NOT recommended.

Q: Will I get wet when I wear CardioCoolers?

A: #Dry. You will experience minimal moisture that occurs naturally from condensation. There is no direct water from the product that touches your clothes or skin.

Q: How long do CardioCoolers stay cool?

A: It depends on the ambient heat and/or the activity of the wearer. Generally they stay cool up to 1 ½ hours.

Q: How can I keep my CardioCoolers cold?

A: #Refreezable #BlueIce You can keep them in the freezer or a portable cooler, a blue ice will lengthen their chill.Use a zippered plastic bag to keep them dry and smelling fresh.

Q: What is the length of the CardioCoolers necklace?

A: They measure 50”- 55”.

Q: How much do CardioCoolers weigh?

A: 8 oz

Q: How do I secure them around my neck, leg, arm, head, etc.?

A: CardioCoolers can be tied using the open ends based on the wearer’s preference. Think of them as being somewhat similar to a scarf, with two ends that can be loosely tied or knotted.

Q: Do CardioCoolers work on dogs?

A: Yes, simply tie them around your dog’s neck to give him or her some relief on a hot day. You’ll notice less panting!

Q: I want to send CardioCoolers to someone as a gift. How can I do that?

A: Select the product fabric choice (color or design) you think they would like and specify their name and address in the shipping section of the cart when you check out.

Q: What happens if my CardioCooler breaks or comes apart?

A: CardioCoolers are pretty durable under normal use. However, if yours fails in any way, we do offer free lifetime replacement on your product as long as you didn’t put it through a dryer. Just send us the damaged product, and we will replace it with a similar product—no questions asked!

Q: I have my own fabric that I would like used for a custom #CardioCooler. Can you do this, and is there an extra charge?

A: We’ll be happy to use your own fabric. Just send us your material!

Q: I would like to distribute #CardioCoolers and/or purchase a large quantity. Do you offer special pricing for these conditions?

A: You bet! Email me at or give me a call at (707) 396-2789. Let’s talk.

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