People Talk about CardioCoolers. They LOVE them!

People Talk about CardioCoolers. They LOVE them!

“CardioCoolers are absolute lifesavers! They’re the only thing that cools down my “volcano erupting, lava-flowing” hot flashes!”

—Natalie B. Detroit, MI

“I have three Cardio Coolers. I swear, they saved my life while helping a girlfriend with a garage sale and a pack n move in Florida. I also shared them with my cousin in Michigan, in the summer! She loved them so much we had 2 more shipped to her. I have 3 different color patterns and can coordinate them as an accessory to my outfits, and be cool at the same time.

I love my #CardioCoolers and want to see Leslie on Shark Tank with this great idea!”

—Lorae F, Santa Rosa, CA

“On those days when I have to be out working in the heat, cardiocoolers keep me going hours after I would have thrown in the towel. With two cycling in & out of the freezer, there’s no having to stop because I’m overheating, like before.”

—David P, Kenwood, CA

“Love love LOVE #Cardiocoolers! Couldn’t live without them! Have extras in the freezer at all times! They are simply FaBulous! I bring them everywhere I go and people always have the same reaction… Ahhhhhh! Love them! Thank you Leslie! You’re right it is always hot somewhere!!

—Jolie C, Rohnert Park, CA

“My ice cube lei feels as cool as it looks!”

—D. Fox, #Kapa’au, HI

“I was given a CardioCooler by a friend and didn’t think about it much… Then I was using the leaf blower in hot weather & I tried the cooler, it cooled me right down. The best part is I can reuse it over & over again.”

—Joe L, Forestville, CA

“Cardio Coolers are wonderful, very versatile. I wear mine on my head and it cools my body right down! No need to put on the air conditioning n freeze my poor hubby!”

Linda S, Santa Rosa, CA

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