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CardioCoolers are the wearable personal cooling system where you choose the colorsBeat the heat in your life with the wearable personal cooling product that makes it fashionable to cool down.

CardioCoolers are a personal cooling system for anyone who wants or needs to cool off in a hurry–and stay cool.

Unlike other personal cooling products, CardioCoolers don’t look like a medical device or something you have to use in the gym–although they’re also great for athletes!

Flexible, Adaptable CardioCoolers Go Anywhere

They can be worn around the neck, on the head or around the wrist. If you have any place that needs ice therapy, it can be tied in almost any configuration to relieve aches, pains and strains. CardioCoolers also ease headaches–and even migraines.

If you enjoy outdoor activities but don’t want to be over-heated, then CardioCoolers are a must.

CardioCoolers are great to wear for dog walking, hiking, biking, golfing, hunting, fishing, boating, berry picking, gardening, barbecuing, canoeing, rock climbing, yoga and during or after team sports.

Unlike other wearable personal cooling products, CardioCoolers are fashionable.

Use them Any Time You Want to Cool Off

Having hot flashes? Menopause knows no winter! Fight back with CardioCoolers.

Too hot to clean out the garage, trim the hedges, or mow the lawn?

Traveling to the tropics or the desert? It’s always hot somewhere! Get two and rotate, machine wash and air dry.

How about a canine CardioCooler for Fido, too!

Any and all occasions or events where the weather is too hot for anyone’s comfort is a great time for CardioCoolers.

For More Information or to Order Your CardioCooler

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Or, to learn more about CardioCoolers, read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
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